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Market dynamics, such as continuous technological advancements, increased customer demands, new compliance standards and competitive pressures, require today's manufacturers to develop complex and high quality products in less and less time.

Product information is constantly changing throughout the development process. As product lifecycles shrink, it is critical that companies implement controlled product development processes in order to avoid inefficiencies and to ensure delivery targets are met.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology provides a system to centralise product data, standardise and streamline business processes, and organize the communication of information across product development teams. PLM helps to shorten development cycles, improve quality, and achieve time-to-market goals by providing access to up-to-date product data. Anytime. Anywhere.

Business ready – PLM

Integrate products, processes and people

Not all PLM systems are the same. Omnify Software offers the industry's only PLM solution based on a flexible technology platform, to provide an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy and cost-effective solution for local or hosted / cloud-based computing.

Customers include manufacturers from a variety of industries including: aerospace, clean energy, consumer electronics, defence, high-tech electronics manufacturing, medical devices, telecommunications and more.

Ease of use, rapid implementation and the cost-effective price of the Omnify Empower PLM solutions make it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Due to the good scalability it also meets the requirements of larger companies.

Improved transparency in product development

Omnify Software provides a centralized and secure place to manage all critical information needed to develop, manufacture and support products as well as to improve transparency in all aspects of product development.

Omnify software can centralize and streamline the flow of information between engineering, document control, operations, quality, compliance, manufacturing, management and outsourcing departments:

Empower ProductRecord
  • Product Data Management 

Omnify Empower offers a complete data management system which centralises access to all product information. Article information, such as product documents / datasheets, suppliers / partners, parts lists, software components, service manuals and other important data are available to any department within a company in a safe, efficient and controlled manner.

  • BOM Management 

BOM management is a key component in managing the definition of a product. Many companies still manage BOMs with Excel spreadsheets or other paper-based methods which can easily lead to errors. An inaccurate or incomplete BOM can incur delays in the schedule and loss of production.

Organizations which do not use an automated system such as Omnify Empower PLM to manage BOMs can suffer due to inaccurate data and a lack of revision control in order to view and track changes.

  • Document Management 

Product documents such as design files, manufacturing files, supplier files and quality documents are critical components in managing the complete product record. Document Management with a manual or paper-based process is inefficient and expensive. Documents can get lost and the search for a document can take up valuable time. Access to the correct document version is not always guaranteed.

Omnify Empower helps to streamline the document control process with a central, electronic system to manage all product-associated documentation. It enables easy, secure and controlled access to all product documents across the organisation.

  • Change/ECO Management 

Engineering Change Request (ECR) / Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes can be the most expensive processes within a manufacturing organisation.

A typical paper-based change process consists of administrative personnel and program managers or engineers who manually move information from one person to another, plan Change Control Board (CCB) meetings, and manage paper-based information. With Omnify Empower, these activities can be performed electronically to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce cycle time for design changes.

  • Quality/CAPA Management

Link quality information to product records in a single database

The Quality Management module provides the possibility to extend the Omnify Empower PLM solution with quality management processes. The direct link from quality information to the product dataset provides a mechanism to automate quality processes which optimise quality data and improve the transparency of quality information within the organisation.

Omnify Empower Quality Management is a Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system with a closed-loop control system that detects and resolves product errors and issues. For companies which work in highly regulated industries, such as aerospace, defence or medical applications, the Quality Management module can support regulatory approval quality system requirements.

  • Project Management 

Centralize Project and Product Data to Improve Development Cycles

The Project Management Module can further enhance product development cycles. Tracking resources, schedules, deliverables and tasks is critical to meet time-to-market, customer, and/or management deadlines. Associating project information with product records not only allows deadlines and tasks to be visible to all groups involved in product development, but it also provides an analysis and trend recognition facility to correct and improve product development cycles.

The Omnify Empower PLM Project Management module is integrated with all product data stored in Empower to centralise all product and project data.

  • Training Management 

Track and Document all Internal and External Training Records

Implementing an automated system to facilitate training control helps manufacturers keep their personnel adequately trained and adhere to company and regulatory policies. The Empower Training Management module provides an automated system to manage all internal and external training events.

  • Issue Management 

Erfassung von allen produktbezogenen Diskussionen und Feedbacks

Communication is the cornerstone of product development, manufacturing and support. Meetings, e-mails, and telephone conversations are important aspects of any team involved in the design and manufacturing process. But often this communication is not captured in a way that is available to all team members. The Problem Management module is a communications portal that captures these discussions and associates them with the product record. All employees can access this information to understand the implications for products, and therefore customers, which will then have a positive impact on product features and quality for future designs and updates / upgrades.

The Omnify Empower PLM Problem Management module enables the capture of all product-related discussions and feedback to troubleshoot, route and track problems.

  • Compliance Management

Omnify Empower helps to meet compliance guidelines

Strict environmental policies, such as the European Union's RoHS Regulation, REACH, WEEE and chemical-restricted traceability, have changed companies' handling of product development. Affected companies use software solutions such as Omnify's to develop products that comply with the latest regulations. Environmental regulations will continue to evolve as different countries adopt their own guidelines. It is therefore extremely important for manufacturers to implement flexible systems and processes that can adapt to these environmental movements.

System Integration
  • System Integration 

Omnify's open platform architecture allows the leverage of investment in existing enterprise and development systems and to deploy the Omnify Empower PLM system to ensure ongoing processes are not disrupted. Omnify Empower provides out-of-the-box bi-directional integration with systems such as: ERP, MRP, CRM, CAD, CAE  and online content providers.

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