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ASIC & SoC Prototyping

ASIC / SoC prototyping based on FPGAs, so-called “FPGA-Based Prototyping” or simply “FPGA Prototyping”, is an important strategic approach for the verification of IPs as well as to accelerate SoC software development, when the final silicon is not yet available.

Prototype of an ASIC or SoC with full visibility - and that at target speed.

Source: Exostiv™ Labs

A board with interconnected FPGAs can provide the number of gates required to map a complex ASIC and to start the software development with some ability to troubleshot the hardware.  However, most of the time it comes at the expense of the operating frequency, which is reduced to allow partitioning.  When validating a prototype at speed of operation in its environment, it often requires another run of choosing or designing FPGA boards with a reduced number of chips, which allows it to reach higher or target speed and the adequate interfaces with the environment.

At all stages of this process, deep trace debug captures are necessary to navigate complex silicon and make the most of the ASIC validation time. Unfortunately, generic tools (like JTAG) usually provide poor visibility, and tools by prototyping platform vendors only work well with their specific platform - they cannot be used at speed with any board.

The solutions by Exostiv™ Labs provide deep capture capability - at speed of operation - from any FPGA board.

The combination of large external memories, together with the use of high-speed FPGA transceivers and very flexibly configurable IPs, makes it possible to record a large number of signals in the FPGA prototype. These can then be made visible by using an external waveform viewer as well as being used in the FPGA or SoC verification process.

Choose your ASIC prototyping system

Choosing and setting up an ASIC prototype with FPGAs can be quite complex – and raise many questions:

  • Will you buy a suitable system or develop it yourself?
  • Do you need a single prototyping platform or does it have to evolve during the verification process?
  • Which interfaces will the prototype be equipped with?

Whether you use a commercial system, or your own platform, our solutions are suitable for all:

  • Xilinx FPGA support: Series 7, Ultrascale and Ultrascale+.
  • Intel FPGA support: Series 10.
  • Standard connectivity with FPGA boards: FMC, SFP+, QSFP+, SATA – and more.
  • You can use any FPGA synthesis tool 

Commercial ASIC prototyping platforms supported

EXOSTIV™ the following ASIC prototyping platforms, amongst others:

  • Avnet
  • PRO Design
  • Synopsys
  • The Dini Group

A full list of supported platforms can be found here: Link

If you think you cannot find a specific ASIC prototyping platform, please contact us.  EXOSTIV™ supports a wide range of other platforms, including most custom solutions. 

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