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  • Papers on HyperLynx presented at two conferences in Romania

Papers on HyperLynx presented at two conferences in Romania

  • 14. November 2018

Iasi, one of the most important and beautiful cities in Romania, the capital and the most important cultural and industrial centre of the Moldova region hosted two conferences last month.

EPE 2018 – the 10th International Conference on Electrical and Power Engineering (http://www.epe.tuiasi.ro/2018/ ) and SIITME 2018 – the International Symposium for Design and Technology in Electronic Packaging (http://siitme.ro/) invited our TRIAS microelectronics team member Cătălin J. Iov to present his papers on HyperLynx.

At EPE 2018 around 100 delegates were presented Cătălin’s paper entitled “Virtual prototyping in telecommunications – Issues and solutions”.

abstract: For the last several years the frequency in telecommunications increased over GHz range. Such frequencies came with side effects such as crosstalk, overshot, undershoot, timing issues. The designing process had to implement new ideas, parts, components and processing capabilities. The DDR (double data-rate) memories are used extensively. The latest families, DDR3, DDR4 pushed the technological boundaries to the point where the hardware and software work together to keep under control the high-speed issues mentioned above. The most important thing is that the human must be assisted by the machine to settle the constraints the projects should comply with to fulfill the requirements. Specialized tools have been developed to improve the equipment quality, the time to market and the redesigning process. Siemens EDA HyperLynx, with both approaches (pre and post layout) is the solution we propose to solve the DDR timing issues. In the current paper, the DDR memory analysis tool’s capability and results are presented. The wizard assisting the designer, the power of calculation and the results confirm the value of HyperLynx solution developed by the Siemens EDA, in virtual prototyping.

Details about SIITME 2018 will be provided in a later Blog post.

Cătălin kindly provided even more detailed information on his papers, if interested please get in touch – info@trias-micro.com