Hardware design and high-speed communication

  • 13. September 2019

Hardware design has never been easy although new tools and technologies have made the job easier. Incorporating these new technologies might keep hardware manageable, however, there are some issues cropping up that may have a major impact on how systems are developed, designed and sold.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and subsequently the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) may not be a revolution, however, they certainly are an evolution that shall drive market for a few decades on. Connectivity and LTE/4G and 5G are always part of the IoT discussion and these high-speed wireless technologies require infrastructure that is available only in larger cities and their surroundings. Not only rural areas often lack high-speed wireless (or even wired ) connectivity options, there are  entire countries on different continents that are outside the 4G / 5G grid.

It is not a secret, that having a diversity of technology and development sites overseas, is a common policy. This used to be an advantage, however, these sites may also be disrupted by the change in the communications climate. Finding remote regions for global sites may no longer be possible, due to missing high-speed communication links.

The adoption of IIoT technology will enable wire processing and other industries to communicate with humans. Now it is easier than ever, to measure the productivity of any machine on the plant floor, and easy to connect all personnel with real-time results. Getting a feedback automatically out of machines shows, that things are changing a lot in terms of machine capabilities. This allows technicians and engineers to extract all types of data from the equipment in real time, and enable quality verifications on materials before operators are allowed to run a job. This is the scenario when you are connected to a high-speed wireless grid.

Disruptions in high-speed communications networks can therefore affect production chains or the physical supply, since the IoT / IIoT feedback loop may take too long to complete when remote sites are involved.

Although in theory the future is here, there is still some work to be done.